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This educational and advocacy website of the Worldwide Globals Organization (WGO) contains many pages and words, but its premise is very simple and logical. Some individuals may initially resist its simplicity, honesty and clarity. However, intelligent, curious, astute and open-minded persons will be intrigued and enlightened by what they read and learn on this website.

Everyone needs and wants more income and money to survive and thrive. The WGO will give every adult who becomes a member a new form of income and money, every month in perpetuity. This money and income will be distributed in the form of a new, supplemental, complementary, debt-free, digital currency called “Globals.” In this unified process of creating and distributing a new currency, a universal basic income (UBI) is simultaneously provided to all members. This website will describe how this can be accomplished legally, technically and rapidly.

In order to understand this new venture, you must discard your prejudices, apathy, laziness, cynicism, arrogance, anger and closed-mindedness. Many things you have been told for decades (and that you might still believe) concerning money, currencies, economics, income, taxes, politics, finance and banking; are inaccurate, incomplete, or simply wrong. Fortunately it is never too late to learn and change your overall understanding of life.

What are the essential foundations for all civilizations and societies? HUMAN BEINGS – and our interconnected yet unique imaginations, talents, abilities, dreams and knowledge. Every person has intrinsic value, worth, dignity, and an inalienable right to a decent life.

All past and present human institutions – including our political and economic systems – could not exist without people. No person ever succeeded financially or socially without significant assistance and support from many other individuals and organizations.

(1) A currency is a widely-held, traded, used, and accepted means of exchange and unit of account. Today the words currency and money are used interchangeably.

(2) The more people and enterprises that possess and trade any currency, the more valuable and useful it is to exchange products and services locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

(3) All money, currency and income are intellectual abstractions and useful legal and accounting “fictions” that serve as intermediaries to exchange products and services.

(4) All money and currency in the world today is created digitally on computers “from nothing and out of thin air.”

(5) Unfortunately most money today is created simultaneously with needless and superfluous debts and loans, or it is highly rationed and allocated to a small group of insiders.

(6) Money is not a limited, fabricated, digital commodity that is only available to a small number of people, even though most leaders in politics, economics, business and academia have falsely told humanity and acted as if this lie were true.

(7) Any organization or group of people can legally create their own currency and monetary system as this power is not just limited to banks and governments.

(8) If most leaders in government, business and banking no longer serve the best interests of the vast majority of human beings, then people have the intrinsic right, duty and power to act peacefully, collectively and independently from outside the existing, broken and failed institutions in most nations.

This proposal is perfectly legal, rational, practical, moral, ethical, and readily achievable when enough people join the WGO and use their Globals in addition to the existing national fiat currencies around the world. Using the past 15 years of technological advancements, and a clear understanding of money, currency and income, the WGO can demonstrate how the vast majority of people around the world can collectively create an unconditional universal basic income (UBI) for themselves.

One Global Unit is fixed in value to Ten ($10.00) US Dollars. All other currencies are valued to Globals vis-à-vis their relative values to the US Dollar. Therefore 100 Global units are equal to $1000 US Dollars.

Every person on earth over the age of 18 can become a member of the WGO for just $25 or 25€ for a 4-year membership. In return, members receive 20, 40 or 100 Globals every month in perpetuity, depending upon each individual's citizenship and nationality. (A list of all nations and countries with their assigned levels-tiers is found below in the web page “NATIONS” and further described in the web page “OVERVIEW.”)

Most businesses and enterprises can join the WGO for just 50,00€ or $50.00 for US-based enterprises. They do not receive any monthly allocations beyond an initial contribution of 1000 Globals after they complete their full registration. In addition they will receive a bonus award equal to five percent (5%) of the Globals payments they accept from all individual members for products and services they sell.

The membership fees will be used for the following:

(1) Provide the WGO with talented employees and expanding computer hardware and software to meet the needs of its members;

(2) Pay for the expenses related to licensing, registering and eventually operating a Globals Payment System (GPS) between members in over 150 nations and 50 US states; and

(3) Establish independent legal and financial systems to protect the important economic interests of all members. The membership of the WGO will eventually elect the leadership of the WGO through direct and secure on-line elections.

The Globals accounts of all members are maintained on a separate, parallel, secure and encrypted website and their personal information is stored on computers not connected to the Internet. No person or entity may issue Globals as they belong solely to the WGO to create and allocate on behalf of its members. Globals are based upon the intrinsic value of human beings and their uncompensated work. The total number of Globals in existence will be principally limited to total WGO membership.

If you want to stop living in perpetual ignorance, fear, servitude. despair and debt to a small, wealthy, and powerful worldwide criminal cartel of international banks, corporations, corrupt puppet governments, and their top executives, officials and owners, then you need to read this entire website carefully. Your future; the well-being of your family, friends, colleagues, communities, cities, states, nations; the survival of humanity; and the habitability of this planet itself; depend upon a full understanding of the true nature of money, income and currencies.